Have you chosen the best playset for your kids? And now you need a secure, simple, and cost-effective solution to tie everything together with the ideal ground cover? Swing sets are a great way to create childhood memories. It’s also a terrific way for parents to keep their children amused while they rest their feet.

You’ll have to determine what to put underneath the swing set at some point. Backyard Boss, fortunately for you, enjoys this type of thing. So we’ve compiled a list of the top possibilities for completing your swing set installation.

Consider what is commonly utilized as a playground land cover as a starting point. Because what is a swing set if it isn’t the coolest vertical playground ever?

Playground Mulch

Mulch designed specifically for playgrounds is available in a range of materials. The overall idea is that it will last longer and be heavier than conventional mulch. This means you won’t have to replenish it as frequently as you would plant mulch. Let’s look at two of the most prevalent playground mulch materials, engineered wood fiber and rubber.

  • Engineering Wood Fiber

Wood chips are milled to achieve a fibrous consistency before becoming EWF. Because EWF has no adhesives, there should be no dangerous chemicals to be concerned about.

In the name of performance, newer variants of EWF include adhesives and synthetic binders. They’re roughly twice the price of standard EWF and aren’t the best option if you’re concerned about additives.

To guarantee that your kids are playing on a safe, chemical surface, EWF should be approved by a number of authorities. The flexible wood also has a bouncy quality, which may help to cushion the inevitable swing falls.

Low-quality EWF is commonly constructed from old boards and waste wood from the forestry industry and is not produced from virgin wood. It’s not a good idea to take this path because you never know what you’re distributing under your children’s feet.

  • Rubber Mulch

That is precisely what it sounds like. Rubber mulch is frequently created from recycled rubber that has been shredded into small bits suitable for use as mulch.

Rubber has a long lifespan. So if you can keep your mulch where you want it, you won’t have to replenish it as frequently. It also has good impact absorption, making falls from intermediate heights safer.

However, there are some significant disadvantages to using rubber mulch. To begin with, steel wires are used to reinforce tires. These cables should be eliminated prior to mulching.

Second, rubber is derived from petroleum. So no one knows what poisons are leaking out of the tires and into the environment, or, worse, your children.

When using rubber or wooden mulch, make sure to properly level the ground. Separate the flat land from the top of the mulch with at least 9 inches of mulch. Swing set equipment that is 8 feet tall should have between 9 and 12 inches of ground covering underneath it for safety and longevity.


At first appearance, sand appears to be the ideal material underneath your swing set. It’s inexpensive, widely available, simple to set up, and a lot of fun to play in. However, it has a few downsides. Cleaning sand is tough, if not impossible. It quickly accumulates dirt, and the only method to improve unclean sand is to replace it. It also has inadequate impact absorption and is challenging to navigate for persons with disabilities.

What To Put Under A Swing Set

Swing Set Mat

A rubber mat for your swing set can be an excellent choice. If it fulfills the ASTM standards, you may be confident that it is free of the nefarious wires and poisons that can be found in rubber mulch. A swing set mat is low-maintenance and can significantly improve playground safety.

The initial investment is considerable, but you are paying for protection and peace of mind. For the finest in around and ease of usage, look for strong, heavy, and long-lasting rubber mats.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a common playground material. Mostly because of the inexpensive initial investment and aesthetic qualities. The issue with pea gravel is that it is difficult to use. The pressure absorption is poor, and the little stones may provide a choking hazard to toddlers. They also move easily, so you’ll need to scrape the surface on a frequent basis to ensure constant covering.

Because of the size and color of pea gravel, many people are drawn to it for its more “natural” appearance. Though it clearly does not resemble grass, it is not as distracting in terms of vivid hue or other elements that some owners find unattractive in other surface selections.

However, because of its size and color, it conveniently conceals dangerous pointed items or sharp items in a way that others do not. So, if you have pea gravel, just make sure you inspect it on a regular basis for these safety problems.


Using grass under your swing set has both advantages and disadvantages. To begin, consider the advantages. Grass is a soft material that can easily keep your children protected if they trip while chasing their siblings or fall while climbing a stone wall.

Accidents are unlikely, but because they are prevalent with lively youngsters, it is best to select a surface that will keep your children safe. Furthermore, if your children enjoy jumping out of the swing, you will desire them to land on a soft area. Grass might provide that benefit to the base of your swing set.

When properly maintained, using grass beneath your swing set can help to increase the resale value of your house, as some prospective purchasers may find alternative swing set bases unneeded for their needs . However, appropriate lawn management is essential here.

Another advantage of grass is that it will be less expensive than other options, at least initially. Because you’ll have to flatten your yard beneath your swing set anyhow, it could be a good idea to merely use the grass that grows underneath.

The ideal material for below your swing set is determined by your specific requirements. Stress absorption, repair, cost, and overall safety are all factors to consider.

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