About Us

Hello everyone, I’m Yohana! I have over 14 years in special education with a focus on childhood development and play. I have real-life experience with children of all kinds and from all different backgrounds.

I along with my husband Matthew and mother-in-law Kathryn contribute to this website in our own way, bringing our own real-life experiences and adventures.

Hi everyone! I’m Matthew. Myself along with my wife Yohana and mother Kathryn decided to build this website after trying to research information on backyard playground equipment.

We found that the information available was so inaccurate and biased that it quickly became frustrating
So, long story short, we created this website.

We have made it our mission to provide the public with the most helpful, accurate, honest and unbiased resource for anything and everything playgrounds.

Hello everyone, I’m Kathryn! I am a mother of two (now grown) grown boys and a grandmother.

I have many years of real-life experience in child development and play and I enjoy sharing that with you here on our website. Thanks for stopping by!

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