At an early age, children love to pretend and play “make-believe”. Over and above the fun that it offers, pretend play is the primary way kids explore, learn and make sense of and understand the world around them.

It develops their capabilities, builds self-confidence and enhances the brain and body of a child. For children role play -or pretend play- has many benefits and in this article, we’ll explore them all, and also give you some great ideas and tools that will enhance the role playing experience.

There are many definitions of role or pretend play, but basically it means learning through playing. This approach stimulates young people’s imaginations and helps develop their social skills.

Children should try out role play in a variety of environments and situations. For school children, it would be ideal to get out of the classroom while teachers create scenarios so the pupils can explore their imaginations.

Teachers must observe their wards from a distance.

Why Role Play is Important for Children

Pretend play activities help children to take the role of “somebody or something”.

Role play is essential not only because it fires up their creativity and imagination, but also because it helps to develop critical skills such as communication, empathy, and socialization. It is not surprising that teachers like myself, and therapists utilize play therapy, which often involves role play.

Through this activity, kids can learn different talents and attitudes. They will also become adept at expressing their feelings and build up language and motion skills.

Benefits of Role Play for Children

Children can derive numerous benefits from indulging in role playing. It is how kids understand the world around them.

Sparks Creativity and Imagination

Role play triggers creativity and imagination. Role playing, as per research studies (opens in new tab), develops a child’s capability to become resourceful. These youngsters get the chance to exercise their brains through imagination while they are still young.

Builds Social Skills

Role play is an effective way to practice fundamental social skills. The children intermingle with peers, bargain and work with each other.

All these take place during the role-playing activity. Social skills predict positive interpersonal ability and success in school. Kids with improved social skills show understanding and become good at creating meaningful relationships.

Learning Opportunities

The role play technique gives children more learning opportunities by presenting them with a variety of different scenarios and situations which they may not otherwise be exposed to.

They can explore true-to-life situations in a “hands-on” way, which is the best method for learning.

Youngsters acquire experience and can try various approaches to fulfill their role in a supported environment. The young participants can play a role they see from their own daily life or a role that is completely unknown to them. It’s optimized learning is a fun way.

Gaining Independence

Role play helps the kids gain independence– which has many added benefits to both child and parent. Pretend play helps children make spur of the moment decisions without the guidance(interference) of parents, teachers or elders.

It is the first step towards becoming independent which will help them in many everyday situations present and future.

Problem Solving Skills

Role play presents the youngsters with assorted problems -both large and small- that need solutions and scenarios that require careful thought.

They decide on the roles to assume, games to play, who is involved, rules that apply, materials needed, and how to prevail over negative situations if something turns out wrong or inappropriate.

This is crucial in child development and will help them for the rest of their lives.

Learn to Empathize

Youngsters develop more of a sense of compassion and empathy once they take on different roles. For example, kid role-players who put themselves in the shoes of doctors, nurses, carpenters, mechanics, and various other professions will realize the value of these people’s jobs.

They will learn to appreciate and respect other people when they become grown-ups.

Lets Them Explore Different Careers

Finally, role play is a fun developmental activity that enables schoolchildren to explore different career options. They experience what it’s like to perform certain tasks of adults in a simulated and productive exercise.

Once these children grow older, they can more easily decide on what will interest or give them satisfaction. This kind of activity helps prepare them for college and future careers.

Role Playing Ideas and How-to

Below, we’ll discuss some fun ideas that can get your child started in the fun world of pretend play.

Setting up the Scenario

For a good role play session, let the child fully take on the role or roles they are playing. For starters, you can set-up a pretend scenario with whatever toys and “props” you have around your house and let them play it out. It can be simple or complicated. It doesn’t matter.

The thing is for kids to act out their roles however they desire and enjoy the activity. Address them by their new role (Doctor, Nurse, Fire Chief, Truck Driver, Chef, etc.).

It’s good if they have options. We often take our little one to a popular indoor playground that has around a dozen role play “stations” set-up and she will jump from one to the otherit’s good to let them explore.


This set comes along with complete accessories: A chef’s jacket, hat, oven mitt, three wooden utensils, plastic measuring spoons, and a name tag for personalization. Durable, premium quality material that is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Fire Chief

Now here’s another good buy for your would-be fire chief. This Fire Chief role play costume set has everything the kid needs to act out the part.

There’s the authentic-looking jacket, helmet, badge, fire extinguisher, bullhorn, and reusable name tag. Maybe you can also get them a toy fire truck and other goodies to further enhance the fun.

Hair Stylist

If your child has an interest in hair or styling, then you have all the reasons to get this Hair Stylist role play costume set.

It has seven lifelike stylist accessories consisting of a cool-blowing hairdryer, non-cutting scissors, headband, and plastic hand mirror, machine-washable costume and reusable name tag to make the pretend play more realistic.

Pair this up with a few dolls or stuffed animals or patient playmates your little one will be in business!


For the aspiring scientist, this scientist role play outfit includes everything a scientist needs for laboratory work.

Your child will have the standard laboratory coat and name tag plus the test tube, beaker, measuring spoons, six experiment cards, and a hypothesis card.

This will definitely make an excellent role-play gift for any child and is sure to spark their imagination and creativity.


For youngsters who want to explore what it’s like to be a doctor, this role play costume set is the perfect option. Your kid will experience what it’s like to wear a doctor’s jacket and mask and use the medical mask, stethoscope, reflex hammer, ear scope, and syringes.

The stethoscope emits sounds just like the real device. Fun that others in the family (patients lol) can get involved in.

Law Enforcement

The Police Pretend Play toy set is the best choice for your child to act out the role of a policeman or policewoman. It has all the accessories that law enforcement uses in their daily beat.

When the youngster plays the role, he or she will feel what it’s like to wear a police badge, enforce the law, and if necessary use the handcuffs and give orders using the bullhorn. The materials are non-toxic and highly durable.


Your kids can relive the past when pirates ruled the high seas. This Kid Pirate costume for pretend play includes the pirate shirt and vest, pants, eye patch, cutlass sword, adventure map, compass, and coin bag.

Getting this costume set will allow your little one to become an adventurer who’s ready to explore unfamiliar waters. All the accessories are safe for children to use and play with. There are multiple sizes for kids from three to eight years old.

Imagine the fun and adventures their creative little minds will get into with this role play set.

Construction Worker

Young construction workers will be delighted with this Construction Worker costume dressup set. The costume comes with nine accessories that real handymen use.

These include the hammer, saw, screwdriver, two pairs of pliers, nylon vest, tool belt, and engineering car.

Children will benefit from the sense of accomplishment they will feel after fixing something around the house and widen their imagination while role playing the construction worker.

Final Thoughts and Considerations

As you can see role and pretend play has many benefits and is loads fun! When your child takes part in role and pretend play activities, they really exercise and develop their imagination, creativity and further develop many crucial skills.

Help them discover the wonders of role-playing by introducing a new role or scenario and letting them act(play) it out.

Let them use toys that resemble the real versions that adults use such as phones, keys, pots, pans, etc.

And remember to stay safe and have fun!


Over 14 years in special education with a BA in psychology. I work daily with children of all kinds, with a special focus on childhood development and play using music and play equipment among other tools.

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