Children love to play, and nothing beats being invited to a playdate. Playdates are the best way for your child to socialize and make new friends. They do not require lots of labor or expensive work. It is good that parents watch their children play dates with their friends and have fun together, without them having to fight a lot. But it is difficult to create an environment that is safe for children to play in.

Crafting together

In the case of your child who is very creative and curious, crafting is probably the best activity for them to do during playdates. For your own craft projects, you do not even need expensive craft supplies. You can use your common household items to stimulate your creativity. A pile of buttons, feathers, and wooden pieces will allow your children to make interesting crafts from them. If children take part in a craft, they learn to be more social and to cooperate with other people. They learn how to work with other people.

Playdate Ideas For 5 Years Old

Video games

Video games are a great activity that helps children be happy, they can have fun, and they can be stimulated. They can exercise and develop vital skills. These are important skills that include problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, reading, improved imagination and creativity. If your children do not want to do anything, you can always count on video games to entertain them.


By being creative during the painting process, children are allowed to have entertainment for many hours. And they have a creative outlet to express their creativity. When your kid and their friends are painting, it is a good way to have fun with their friends. So it is easy to find an activity that all the children can enjoy working on.

Card games for children

From Go Fish, to War, to Speed and Beyond, there are plenty of fun and child-friendly card games that will keep the children happy for hours. Or, just make it easy on your card game play date by using your personalized kids playing cards.

Baking parties

Kids especially enjoy eating food and doing science experiments. Put that all together and you will win brownie points by having a baking party for a playdate. You can decide whether you will make cookies, brownies, puppy chow, or anything else. The children will surely have fun! For reducing the mess and the time that it takes to cook a meal, make sure to use kids’ aprons.

Go to a park, zoo or aquarium

When you bring your playdate to a fun location like the local parks, zoos, and aquarium, it is not just good for keeping the children happy, but you can also teach your kids something along the way. Just make sure their backpacks are prepared to carry everything that they will need during the trip.

Marathon film

When a playdate is a little longer than it normally is, or when the kids are tired, you may choose to throw a movie marathon. These low-energy playdates are perfect for relaxing, and they are made even better by adding kids bean bags to the mix.

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