When your child comes around to celebrate his second birthday, he will experience some major intellectual, physical, social, and emotional changes, which will help him understand how the world works.

So, with that in mind, try some of these simple learning activities that you can do at home for two year-olds. They will keep your child entertained while he grows.

Dress up

You can throw out some old clothes and allow your child to play dress-up. You are also welcome to participate, but it is helpful to have two or three other children who are similar in age.

It is necessary to learn how to be creative, how to think, how to speak, and how to become social.

Playdate Ideas For 2 Years Old

Make your own crayon carrier and decorate it!

When you cover a table, make sure that it is covered with newspaper. After doing that, gather some glue sticks, pompoms, and crayons. All this will fit in a ziploc bag that is resealable. If your child needs a glue stick, allow him to coat the ziploc bag with the glue and stick it on the colorful pom poms. Fill it with crayons and leave it to dry. Next time that you are in a restaurant, whip out the purse and allow your kid some time to show off what he has made. He will be happy to use his creative abilities again.

Skills that they are able to learn: motor planning, creativity.

Hide their toys

You can also hide toys in your house and give them to your child to find. Allow them to discover the environment, and guide them by saying, “warmer” and “colder”. In some cases, you may even use flashlights to search for some object, or you may hide multiple objects at once.

Some of the skills that they can learn are listening, problem-solving, social skills, and memory.

Create mailboxes

You must have a mailbox. If you are crafty, you may decorate an old shoe box or cardboard box. Cut out a slit in the top of the box. Fill the envelope with all of the junk mail that you have, and then give it to your child to open. By putting these envelopes in the hands of your child, you can help her develop fine motor skills. As your child opens the envelope and takes out the things inside it, you also have the opportunity to teach your child basic concepts. You need to tell her the pictures, the colors, and the letters. They can help sort out the pictures according to their size, shape, and color. They can also count them. In this way, by layering in the imaginative play, you can even play in shop mode, and you can use coupons to buy things.

They should learn how to understand basic concepts and fine motor skills.

Trace his body

Before you begin, lay your child down on a large piece of paper. Then lay out the outline of your baby’s body. It is necessary for children to remain still in order that they can be traced. As a result, they learn to behave self-controllably. When you are showing your child where their eyes, nose, and mouth go, it is okay that you show them.

They will learn how to define themselves, how to control themselves, how to identify the parts of our bodies, and how to use language.

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