One year old children are not even in the preschool stage yet. As for themselves, even on their own, they are still limited in their abilities. They never follow any of the instructions that are given to them very well, and they never make any kind of final product or craft.

One year old babies do not have the ability to stay focused for long periods of time, so the list of toddler activities is very short. As for the small things that you can do to spice up your routine, consider them to be little bite-sized activities. It is recommended that you do not do more than one activity every day. You can also trust that your routine will endure throughout the rest of the day.

These are some activities that are recommended for children who are between 12 months and 24 months old. In the event that you notice that your child is not yet ready to do a certain activity, you should wait until she is ready. You may also find other things that she is ready to do.

Playdate Ideas For 1 Year Old

Be playful with your blankets

When your baby is sitting and grabbing the ends of a blanket, there is a small blanket that you are allowed to use. You can make waves with your blanket. Some people might move the line up and down a little bit.

That is what their teachers do in their preschool and elementary schools. They started out by playing the game ‘parachute’. When someone grabbed an edge of a big piece of cloth, they waved it up and down together.

Sing nursery rhymes with your children. And prepare to have a dance party for them

Host a dance party at home so that your children will learn to dance and develop motor skills. So, pick out some music that you like and dance with your baby. When a child is incapable of standing, hold her in your arms and dance while you listen to the music.

Blow some bubbles

No other activity is more delightful for toddlers than popping bubbles. First, you must make lots of small bottles of bubbles. Then you may also use a small bubble machine to make lots of bubbles. The bubble blowers are very powerful, and they blow wonderful bubbles for a very long time. You never get tired of blowing bubbles.

Playing with a ball

Playing with a ball allows you to be more creative. What a wonderful versatile tool! Roll a ball back and forth between two people. Assure that your one year old child is encouraged to kick and throw a ball, too. When your child is playing basketball, you can teach him to throw the ball into a container that you set up for them, such as a laundry basket.

Play with a balloon

So just like people play with balls, balloons are also good for fun. In case the balloon still has some helium, attach a weight to the string. It is important that the balloon floats to the level that your child can reach. When that happens, he will have a good time hitting the balloon, and wait for it to return to him.

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