If you have a large playground, chances are you will need to mulch it. Mulching a playground can be very simple or very difficult depending on the area and the amount of mulch you will need to cover.

Mulching can also be done with bark chips, peat moss, grass clippings, sawdust and many other materials. The best mulch is the one that can provide the most protection from heat, insects and diseases.

Some of the most important thing about mulching a playground are:

  • Set up a perimeter around the play set.
  • Measure the height of the play set to determine the height at which the fall off occurs.
  • Remove all grass, plants and other debris that is inside the perimeter of the property.
  • Lay down the weed fabric.
  • Fill in the gaps with mulch.

The perimeter around the play set will prevent insects from entering the area. If there are many plants, animals or insects inside the perimeter you may need to dig them out. You will need to decide on the height of the mulch depending on the needs of your kids and their parents. The mulch will also keep the heat out of the playground.

How To Mulch A Playground

The grass and plants that are removed from the perimeter can be replaced with soil. This soil can be amended with peat moss, compost or sawdust. All of these materials will provide a great deal of benefits for your kids and their parents.

Another important aspect of mulching a playground is the weed fabric. The weed fabric will help hold in all the mulch material so it does not blow away during storms or when it rains. The weed fabric can also be used to lay down in other areas around your property such as flower beds, parks and walkways to prevent weeds from growing there.

Mulching play sets is a great way to make your kids happy and it will also make you happy. The mulch can also help to keep your grass from growing in areas where there is not enough sunlight.

If you do not use mulch, the sun will kill the grass and your kids will be miserable. Your kids will be unhappy because they will have to play on a dirty playground that has not been maintained. You will also have to spend more money maintaining the area and replacing the mulch every year.

After laying down the weed fabric over all of the ground you can then fill in the gaps with mulch. This will prevent your kids from tripping over weeds and make it easier for them to run around the playground.

When mulching a playground you need to use mulch that is made for playgrounds and not for gardening. There are many different types of mulch and some of them can harm the plants that you have planted in your garden. You should also avoid using wood chips because they can damage the soil.

The last thing that you need to do before mulching a playground is make sure that there are no gaps where the mulch will blow around. Gaps are usually caused by digging up sod or filling in flower beds with gravel or concrete pavers.

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